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About Us


The Restaurant

One had a passion for cooking and the other a serious foodie opening a restaurant for these two was but a natural thing to do. Now Married Sally and Gary Udhwani Where Sally is the Chef and Gary has the tongue that is searching for that perfect tasting Indian food. 

Generous serving size, reasonably priced (we are always told the price is too low for what we offer) A very clean set up and personalized. 

Join us and enjoy what we have been enjoying all our lives. A Trini and an Indian making the best Indian dishes and right here in our own backyard. 

We wish all the happiest times. 

Our Kitchen

Clean well balanced with all the equipment that's needed and a inventory of Indian spices that make the magic happen. There is always a constant battel to find the right and fresh spices. We go long lengths to source the right ingredients and the results show. 

What is ours is also yours for a very reasonable price. 

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